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Remember the Fitbit that you had to wear around your wrist and would forget to put on in the morning before leaving the house? The band that clashed with your outfits and only tracked your daily number of steps. Well, now that can all be avoided with the release of the Fitbit App for your smart phone. A great invention because your phone is the one device that will always be by your side. Not only does the app track your daily foot steps it has a range of other great functions that will be useful on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Some other lifestyle and fitness applications offer you a couple of options to work with, but you may have had to download one or two different applications to get all the features that you are looking for. With the Fitbit app, every feature that you could want comes all in one app. Lets look at a brief break down of what some of these different aspects of the app are.

Day & Night Capabilities:

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 4.57.39 PM.png

Here you have the ability to connect different trackers to one account so you can record both your workouts as well as your day to day activities. This way if you want to keep you workout separate from your daily activities that can be done through this aspect of the app.

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Use the “All-Day Activity” tracker to set goals for yourself (steps, calories burned,…etc.) and watch as you achieve them. Even when you are at work, you can be moving closer to your goals. Keeping track of your activities all day can benefit your end result, as a constant reminder of the daily goals that you have to reach in order to stay on track.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 4.59.24 PM.png

The MobileTrack allows you to record your everyday stats to keep a history of your basic daily movements. This will help you make sure that everyday you are getting the proper amount of exercise or movement to keep in line with your goal. You can look at the differences over the week to see what days you were either above or below what you should be. With that information you can make future adjustments to continue to move in a positive direction.

The last feature in this category is even beneficial to those who are not as interested in the whole fitness aspect of the app. The Sleep Goals and Tools portion of the app “Uses a Fitbit tracker to record your sleep at night. Then, you can set up the sleep tools in the app to create a weekly sleep goal, as well as bedtime reminders and wake targets, and then review your sleep trends over time.”(Fitbit)

Activity & Workouts:

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Mobile Run allows you to track your time, pace,and distance. You are also given the ability to now control your music through the app. Receive mile markers via the app without having to stop to look at the screen. This also gives you the ability to look back and see the run that you have just done, from there you can either make adjustments to future workouts or stick with the already recorded route.


Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 5.27.33 PM.png

Track Exercise records all of your different workouts and logs them in a spot where you have the ability to then compare your different stats to see how your performance is improving. This is a beneficial aspect of the app because it allows the user to get a good grasp on where they stand in regards to their daily, weekly, monthly fitness goals. Without the option to compare daily workouts it can often be difficult to track your progress.

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 5.30.13 PM.png

The Exercise Calendar gives you the ability to look at previous workouts and take that information to plan for future workouts moving in a positive direction toward your end goal. If you are on a schedule, for instance training for a marathon, this feature is great for looking back and seeing what days you have worked out and where to go from there. With busy schedules, it can be difficult to remember what days you have exercised and what type and for how long, but with the calendar feature constantly recording your movements there should be no confusion.

Weight & Nutrition:

Screen Shot 2016-09-23 at 5.34.41 PM.png

Using the Track Weight aspect of the app, you have the ability to use the he Aria® Wi-Fi Smart Scale to send your weight stats directly to your dashboard to see your trends over time. You also have the ability to keep track of the food you eat with the Log Food part of the app. Within this portion of the app, you have the ability to get nutritional advice as well as a calorie estimator and other aspects to help you in the nutrition department. A big part of having a healthy lifestyle has to do with your hydration. You are given the option to measure your water intake before and after workouts as well as throughout the day. Being properly hydrated can either hinder or propel you forward in your fitness and health goals.

Another feature that the app has to offer is the Motivation & Friends portion of the app. Here you have the ability to challenge friends and family encouraging them to workout as well. This is a great way to keep yourself motivated to continue to reach your goals. Sometimes it helps if you have someone else working out whether its with you or separately but comparing stats and working together to better improve each other. In this section of the app you also have the ability to earn badges whenever you hit a certain milestone or beat a goal. This is just another way to keep you motivated. Every time you receive another badge it will give you the urge to continue and stick with your training. The last great part of the motivation feature of the app are the notifications that will appear on your screen to give you encouragement and keep you on the right track towards achieving your goals. Sometimes this little nudge is all it takes to get you out and moving after a long day, or a great way to start your day depending on if you are a morning or night type of person.

So lets be honest for a second, not everyone loves to exercise! What if you could make your workouts more interesting.That was the goal when Fitbit released the feature, Adventures, as just another way to motivate you to exercise. “The feature tracks the distance you’ve walked or run and maps it against actual trails, starting with three at Yosemite National Park in California. The Fitbit app will unlock badge-like images of trail landmarks — say, a scenic waterfall at mile 5 — as you progress. Other rewards include “fun facts” and health tips along the way. Fitbit will add other destinations, including the ability to “run” the course of the New York City Marathon.” (The Detroit News)

This is just a basic overview of some of the features that the Fitbit app has to offer. If you are just beginning your journey to a fit and healthier lifestyle the app has an area where you can choose what kind of end results you are looking for. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain or maintain your weight, build muscle, train for a marathon,…etc, the app has the ability to assist you in whatever your needs are.The app is great because it can lead you in the right direction, but allows you to ultimately set your own goals so you do not feel overwhelmed by your future plans. As you reach different milestones you can increase your goals or even decrease them based on your current performance.

The Fitbit app gives you the flexibility to compile all of your daily workouts and activities into one easy to use site. As an avid fitness app user, I have found the Fitbit app to be one of most all encompassing apps with every feature that I would want an app to have. I have used several different apps to track my workouts, and often found that I required at least two different apps in order to have health and wellness as well as music and fitness. Fitbit app has all of these aspects in one spot. When you are working diligently to achieve a specific goal it can be extremely frustrating to constantly have to go back and forth between applications to try and compile all your recorded data, believe me I know, but with the Fitbit app you have the flexibility to search through workouts, hydration records, daily activites all without having to exit out of the main home screen. For a newbie or an avid athlete, what more could you ask for!




Jesdanun Anick. (2016, August 30). New fitbit app makes exercise even more of a game. The Detroit News.
The fitness app for everyone.

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